TSG Going Away Party!

Hello everyone~
I just want to let you know that four of amazing There She Goes Trendsetters are leaving after this month and Jessica (the owner) and the remained Trendsetters are having a Going Away Party for these ladies.

To find out about the party more, click here.

And TSG's Changing Of The Seasons sale are still going on until Tuesday, 24th!!

I will come back with a card or two later today. Have a wonderful day!!

There She Goes からのお知らせです。今月をもって、4人のTrendsettersがデザインチームから去ることになりました。それに伴い、残りのTrendsettersがサヨナラパーティーを行っています。

それから、TSGのChanging Of The Seasonsセール米国時間24日の火曜日まで開催中です!! 4つのセットが15パーセントオフになっていますよ~。


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