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Hello everyone~
I'm back to home late last night. The memorial service was very nice and touched. Thank you for praying for his family and us. I hope time and love will heal the pains the family is having right now. They are both gone too soon (my DH's friend was 33 and his son was 8 years old) and are deeply missed forever in our life...What we found out after arriving, they both wore the helmets but when the accident was happened, their helmets were come off...Even though we think "what if" over and over, it won't change the fact that we can't bring them back. We just have to learn from it and aware more about motorcycle safety.
I also want to mention that the boy's mother donated his organs to save other lives. I was so touched her decision under these difficult times.

We also had a little time to visit some old friends and do sightseeing. Did I mention we were stationed Ellsworth AFB before? Summer is so beautiful there. Everything seems to be clean and pretty, comparing to the place we live now...Of course I don't miss their long cold winter though, lol. I'm trying to upload some photos later.

On a way home from Dallas/Ft.Worth airport last night, we recieved another tragic news. My brother in law (my DH's brother)'s best friend and his girlfriend were dead last night. I don't want to tell the details because it is such a shocking news for both his and her family and friends.
I'm just praying they are going to find some peace and comfort during these difficult times.

OK, tomorrow is There She Goes Sneak Peek and Blog Hop Challenge. Come back to check my card with the new set!!
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Joanne (jojot) said...

Maki-san....so glad you are home safely.....but so sorry your circle of family/friends has been hit with another tragedy....you do wonder sometimes if there is any good news anymore.....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and hoping the healing of the hearts involved happens while still finding joy in the memories of the past

Rina said...




Cecile said...

There is so little one can say, but my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry for your loss.


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