Thank You, My Friends!!

Hello everyone!
I'd like to take a time to post these 3 awards that the talented stampers passed me! Some of the awards were given for a long time ago and I'm sorry I didn't post them sooner...sometimes the things get crazy here.

These are 3 awards I have recieved...

From Beth - Big Sky Paper and Design / Her classic beautiful cards are so worth to follow!! She often enables me SU stamps when I just thought I had enough, lol. Thank you Beth for putting my blog on your list!

Here is my 10 of many fav's! There is no order to it. All blogs are equally my fav's.

Nina - Crafting in Croatia
Joanne - Inky Ocean Gazer
Lori - LO LO
Connie - McStampin Dusk til Dawn
Silke - My Life
Sabrina - sjbutterflydreams
Jodi - Stamping A Latte
Clare - Waltzingmouse Makes...
Christi - Story About A Girl
Claudia - Pretty Pressings

From Torico - STAMPARADISE / She is my inspiration!! I want to be a stamper like her when I grow up, lol. You know why I said so... She designs, curves and stamps ...She is a trule stamper :)

I will pass it on to the blogs I inspire a lot. Like I mentioned before, there is no order to it.

Jessica - There She Goes
Angela - Inky Button
Holly - Toy's Haven
Jessie - Can you say Addicted To Stamps?
Beth - Big Sky Paper and Design
Faith - Stampin' With Markie's Mom

From Sabrina - sjbutterflydreams / I adore her...she is my cheerleader and an amazingly talented stamper. Elegant, classic and gorgeous...I learn a lot from her work.

OK, here are a few of my I-Like-Your-Style list. They are equally fabulous!

Denise - The Paper Landscaper
Sandra - Paper Funtastics
Mary - My Cardz~My Passion~My Therapy
Christine -ChristineCreations
Julie - Stamps & Taxes

My list goes on... but I'd better shut up now, lol. Thank you for stopping by today.


Unknown said...

Thank you very much - tho - my old blog has been a bit short of cards lately!!!

Sabrina Jackson said...

Domo arigato gozaimasu, Makiko san.
Thank you so very much, Maki. I am truly blessed to have found you and so many other very talented stampers and it is like being a part of one big family where we encourage each other and learn from each other. Thank you for sharing your gift with me as I look forward to new posts from you all the time. Hugs, my friend, Sabrina

Denise Marzec said...

CONGRATS on all the awesome awards, Maki!!...and thanks SO MUCH for passing one onto me! {{hugs}}

NinaB said...

Wow, thanks, Maki. I'm so glad that I make your heart smile :-) What an honor to be included on your fav list! You're definitely on mine.

Christi Flores said...

You are so sweet!! Thank you for brightening my day Maki!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Thx sweetie for the awesome award!! Will post it on my blog :o)


Torico said...


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU sooo much for this awesome award! I feel honored to be included with such amazing, talented stampers. And, congrats to you on your awards - they are very well deserved! Sorry, I'm a little slow on responding, life has been too hectic lately!!

Thank you! hugz, Mary


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